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Bringing awareness to your brand doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling, cringing, hide-in-the-corner, breaking-the-bank experience. With a little research, planning, and creativity, your brand can gain the support, trust, action, change, influence, and impact it deserves.


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The STACII Agency is a boutique agency offering public relations and community relations services to nonprofits, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

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Who’s Melody?

With more than 10 years of communications experience, I am drawn to clients who want to have a great impact on people and the community. My unique approach of merging public and community relations to create events and programs provide a greater and more meaningful impact.

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The NPOmg! Podcast

We told you we love nonprofits! Listen to Melody and her co-host Shannon McKnight on the NPOmg! Podcast.

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