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The STACII Agency provides creative, strategic, and budget-friendly marketing and communications services to nonprofits, charities, foundations, and grassroots organizations. Whether a startup or veteran organization, we can help.

We see nonprofits as vital to our communities and world and aspire to share their goals and mission with untapped supporters and potential clients through integrated campaigns. Through marketing and communications, The STACII Agency seeks to drive action, create impact and bridge support for nonprofits. We want nonprofits to garner support, trust, action, change, influence, and impact.


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principal strategist + Owner

Melody Gross

Hey! Hey! I’m Melody, the owner and principal strategist of The STACII Agency. I have a passion for helping nonprofits develop and execute creative and strategic campaigns to garner support for their organizations.

I started my career in entertainment public relations but was soon called to the nonprofit sector and have enjoyed nearly 10 years of following my passion.

I truly believe nonprofits can be just as creative, unique and fun as for-profit companies.

When I’m not working, I can be found supporting local artists, shopping for crystals and gemstones, and sharing the funny musings from my 10 year-old kiddo.

I sit on the board of directors for ALC Mosaic, a self-directed learning community and previously the advisory board for SHARE Charlotte.


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graphic designer

Chandler Snipe