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NPOmg! Podcast



What is the npomg! podcast

Glad you asked.

NPOmg! (short for Nonprofit Oh My God) simply put is a podcast by nonprofit lovers for nonprofit lovers.

With some gentle prodding (she tells a different story) from me to my co-host, Shannon McKnight, we decided to launch a podcast that doesn’t hide the truths, struggles, failures, and victories within nonprofits.

Shannon and I complement each other well. She is a fund development professional and owner of Next Level Nonprofits with more than 11 years experience and with my 10 years of marketing and communications experience, we bring various viewpoints on the industry. And we’ve seen a lot of OMG moments we share on the podcast! We also interview nonprofit professionals from various sectors to get their experiences, challenges, recommendations and NPOMG! moments.

You can listen on SoundCloud and iTunes. Tell us what you think on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.